It all started with a question…

“She fishes?!”

So common was this initial question of disbelief that it has become the inspiration for our brand. At She Fishes we have embraced this question, and run with it.

Our brand is about challenging stereotypes, capturing the moment, fishing hard and having fun. We’re about fishing new locations, discovering new techniques and showing that the fishing lifestyle can be enjoyed by people of all experience levels, male and female, young and old.

As the direction of the sport of fishing changes, our goal is to increase awareness of the benefits that fishing brings to both individuals and communities, to promote sustainable fishing and to bring our passion for the fishing experience to the world through visual and written media.


Chloe Taylor

Chloe Jewfish

Whilst she has always had a love of the ocean and of marine life, it was not until five years ago that Chloe first started fishing. What started as an occasional weekend activity soon became a regular hobby and has now developed into a full time passion. Based in Sydney’s southern suburbs, Chloe is now an up and coming fishing journalist, photographer and lover of all things outdoors. Chloe is also heavily involved in the community in promoting women and children’s fishing.

Chloe is a regular contributor to fishing media, including contributions to one of Australia’s leading fishing publications, Fishing World magazine. She has graced the cover of numerous Fishing World issues and has quickly built a reputation within the fishing industry with strong relationships with leading brands including Shimano, Simrad and Costa Sunglasses.

Chloe has a strong passion for all types of fishing with a focus on inshore sports fishing for snapper, kingfish and jewfish and game fishing for marlin, tuna and sharks. She is an active member of Botany Bay Game Fishing Club and has an impressive list of game fishing tournament wins and achievements to her name.

Chloe’s other passion in life is her family and friends and she takes every opportunity when she’s not out on the water to spend time with them.


Tom Laurence

TomSnapFishing has long been a part of Tom’s life and developed from his father’s love for the sport. He still has fond memories of his earliest fishing experiences catching bream and whiting from the beach on the North Coast of NSW. Before moving to Sydney in 1999, Tom lived and fished in many diverse locations including Zimbabwe in Africa and Darwin in Australia’s Northern Territory.

Tom has worked with and been mentored by some of Sydney’s best charter boat operators as well as owning several boats of his own. His current boat is a 5.2m Seydelcraft runabout, custom built on the far South Coast of NSW by John Seydel. The boat gives Tom and Chloe the flexibility to fish everywhere from bays and inshore reefs to the continental shelf and beyond whilst being easily trailerable to tow up and down the coast following the fish.

Tom loves fishing new locations and chasing big fish on light tackle. If he had to choose his favourite techniques, it would be catching snapper on soft plastics and livebaiting for kingfish and marlin.

When he is not fishing, Tom is a qualified chartered accountant and works as a Tax Manager in the finance team of one of the world’s largest engineering businesses.